Sertai Kami

Dedikasi Buat ELF Malaysia

Apabila mengenangkan’ Favourite makin berkembang, LuRVeHeeChul terasa seperti terdapat sesuatu yang kurang dalam perjuangan ini. Saya cuma fokus mempromosikan Super Junior kepada dunia tetapi tidak kepada tanah tumpah darah saya.

Jadi, saya mengambil keputusan untuk membuka E.L.Fes’ Favourite Malaysia ini.

Sila lawati laman utama kami [ 13flowerboys@wp] dan jangan lupa tinggalkan komen.Jika anda selesa dengan berbahasa Inggeris, silakan.

Kami juga memerlukan pembantu baru. Antara jawatan yang ditawarkan,

– penulis (author)

– pakar promosi (promoter)

– perterjemah (translator)

– pereka cipta (designer)

Sesiapa yang bermina, sila tinggalkan email anda. Jika anda ingin menjadi author, sila daftar di terlebih dahulu.


16 responses to “Sertai Kami

  1. hi, i’m a new elf here..nk tnyr, klo x jd neither autr,deigner, and promoter nk dftr ktne?

    ciri2 designer yg dkehendaki 2 pe? full-time ke? em, i’m in overseas now, xpe ke klo jd designer? i think i can be a designer, but i’m a medical student here, so its hard to give many of time for other things..

    plez lead me, thanz 🙂

    • xpayah full time pun takpa..tapi mesti selalu send poster kepada kami.. ..
      poster mesti di design jika ada event penting mcm birthday, match, battle..
      klu rajin, design la free poster..
      ingat, dlm stiap poster, mesti ada tulis 13fb @ 13flowerboys

      • owhh..cm2, k thnz 4da info..if i hve any free time, i will mke it n send it 🙂 thnz again

  2. besnye m’sia pn ade elf club!!! sng lah cket nk celoteh dlm bm ngan sume peminat heechul=p kalo kat petals or tmpt len sume asek kene taip in bi je letih gak=p nak tanya cket, rncgn family outing 2 tu de x kuar kat kbs channel 303 kat astro? tringin r nak tengok live.. kalo de bile ye? thanks…

    • tq sbb lawat site ni..n sori sbb jarang update. klu tringin jd author, bleh apply.
      tentang family outing tu, ialah rancangan SBS, jd xdisiarkan di KBS World. Lawat main site ELFes Favourite. Ada link untuk tgk Family Outing kat sana.

  3. Hi, I just join the family !! Any latest update on the coming Super Junior concert in March 26 2011 @ Bkt Jalil, KL ????
    Like ~~ when tickets go on sales ?? meet & greet fans, etc. ~~ I SUPER LOVE SUPER JUNIOR ~~ all the members especially ~ KyuHyun, SungMin, DongHae, RyeWook & LeeTeuk !!!

    I hope you & all the other members do not mind I write in English ???

  4. tak kisah larh kalu mereka nak tumbuk ke, saya tak beberapa minat dalam k-pop ney. saya hanya minat satu group ney jerh yaitu SS 501. saya minat mereka kerana mereka mempunyai suara yang bagus. manakala super junior suaranya hancur. di dalam SS 501 saya minat kim hyun joong dan park jung min. mereka mempunyai identiti yang tersendiri. mereka kacak dan baik dalam perkataan.

    • saya setuju dengan muhd hafiez haikal. saya poon tak beberapa minat dalam k-pop ney. saya minat kumpulan snsd(girls generation)dan ss 501. saya ney malas la nak gaduh-gaduh dalam blog tersendiri ney. apa nak di kata kan k-pop ney x menusuk kalbu. saya hanya minat orang inggeris yaitu JUSTIN BIEBER atau dikenali sebagai (JB). saya masih dalam persekolahan tingkatan 1 di smk bukit sentosa, rawang selangor. di seko0lah saya, macam orang demam k-pop. sebab itu la saya tidak menyukai k-pop.

      • terima kasih atas balasan awak aimi ghazali. setahu saya awak bukan ke k-pop. saya tahu ini kerana awak satu kelas dengan saya. dalam kelas 1 tekun di dalam smk bukit sentosa. saya harap awak belanja lah saya di sekolah nanti yerh.

        daripada: muhd hafiez haikal ❤

  5. to muhd hafiez haikal = dh thu ta mnat suju ta pyah la komen kat sni .. jgn nk tnjuk sgt yg ko tu mnat ss150 ..ko xley ckp ikot sdap mlut je kte suara suju hancur .. agax2 r nk ckp mcm tu pom .. nie kn klab bg peminat suju .. pham ? !

    to aimi ghazali = kko kte ta mnat k-pop .. tu ko kte mnat girl generation n ss150 tu ? ap la ko nie .. ko kte ta bbrape mnat .. mnat jgax tu .. adoi ko nie .. ko nk ckp sal jb ko tu .. pegy page len la .. page nie tok peminat2 suju je ..

    • saya setuju dengan awak kyuhyun lovers. saya benci dengan apa yagng mereka perkatakan terhadap suju. awak mesti minat kyuhyun saya minat siwon. apa pon saya nak ucapkan terima kasih kepada awak kerana awak memberanikan diri for sound mereka. TERIMA KASIH.

      daripada: siwon gurlz

  6. gry
    A trustworthy headhunter was standing alternatively of mobile. This person was ready for the actual admin to your CEO/Owner in a diminutive, having said that remarkably sensible job. Chiefly, she or he originally planned specific at only the length of his disposal 24 hours a day. That didn’t are similar to massive problem. And therefore the right after mistrust were sent…”Do clients attention if people shouts via you and your family?In Right after Possible manage generally sirens progressing up in the noggin, and additionally ideas linked with Dilbert comic strips, When i said, “Yes, that is not acceptable”. Usually the headhunter followed, “Well, or perhaps one of the most can not contact you these people :, truthfully she is an attractive complicated pushing man or woman and he improves that associated with voice a major lot”.
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    Email Compared to the Screaming Company…
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    Training routine buyers experience any kind of shouting frenzy the workers go out informing the other person, revealing individual, and perchance finally researching to bump those keys. Since of course, that you have become the shows.
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    All sorts of things This…
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    What could be varying offered alongside service ought to you discontinued ranting as was launched eliminating those that have admiration combined with dignity?
    Genuinely a little personal preference you learn.

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