New Fan Project : 5 Years Of Love

As all ELF know, 2010 is the 5th year of Super Junior becoming a dancing group under SMent

So, on 6 November 2010, 13fb family would like to produce a short video of ELF wishes for the 5th anniversary and some memorable pics of SJ and you

How to join?

It’s so easy

Firstly, you must sign up at our forum [] and leave you wish there at forumProject>Fan Project>5 Years Of Love

Wishes on this post will be IGNORED!!

You may send us or leave memorable SJ’s pics URL at the forum or here or just send as attached file to

Oh yeah, we also accept wishes done in video but please make sure your attire is not too sexy. Please send video in avi format.

It’s better if you can wish using your mother-language..

Don’t worry, we won’t forget to credit you

Any questions, just leave it here

Click here to leave wishes now!

Please submit before 3 November!



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