Super Junior:pengakuan tentang Kangin dan Hankyung!

Ikuti perbualan Super Junior di MBC’s Chuseok Istimewa “Radio Star Super Show,” :

Super Junior bercakap mengenai Kangin:When Kangin first became involved in an assault case, we thought that we needed to shield him and protect him. Kangin showed that he was sorry to us and really did reflect that on his actions, but we couldn’t help but feel a sense of betrayal when one month later, he became involved in another drunk driving accident.”

But we believed that we are all one, so we tried to protect him as much as possible. They say that time is medicine, and as time passed, our feelings softened up as well.

Super Junior bercakap mengenai Hankyung: 

We still can’t get in contact with Hankyung. We were all very close with him but we are unable to contact him separately. We honestly felt disappointed when reports said that his life in Korea was difficult and that the Super Junior members didn’t take care of him.”

Tambah Leeteuk:It would’ve been nice if he discussed his problems with the members first because we honestly had no idea. None of us ever thought that Hankyung would act like that”

Ahli SuJu: “We still miss Hankyung right now.”

Tambah Leeteuk lagi: “We leave an empty space for Hankyung. My one dream is to stand on stage with all 13 of us and perform before I leave for the army. I hope for it to happen.”



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