Super Junior’s follow-up track “No Other” released!

Super Junior’s follow-up track titled No Other is finally released! The track has a different atmosphere then BONAMANA as it has more of a mellow and R&B feel that make you feel happy. As we’ve been told that this track has been leaked, let’s wait for the official release before feasting our ears on this track.

No Other is produced by C-2, Ryan Jhun and Reefa who in the past has work with artists such as The Game, Fabolous and Ludacris. The track’s lyric which expresses one’s emotional feelings for a lover is written by Kenzie.

Super Junior’s repackaged album contains four new songs; No Other, All My Heart, A Short Journey and a remix version of Shake It Up.

Listen it up:



2 responses to “Super Junior’s follow-up track “No Other” released!

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