Super Show 2 di Malaysia!

Adakah kesemua 13 ahli Super Junior akan hadir dalam Super Show 2 di Malaysia yang akakn diadakan 20 Mac 2010 ini?

Apa pendapat @ ramalan anda?


4 responses to “Super Show 2 di Malaysia!

  1. hye..i’m a big fan of super junior..specifically, fan of hankyung oppa..i don’t think that all of them would be,i decide not to go to their heart melt seeing heechul it ok suju without hankyung? semoga hankyung akan kembali dengan suju..and dapat datang malaysia!!!!!!!

    • huhu…saya sgt setuju dgn awak….i really hope that all 13 of them will b back together on stage…i’m also not going to their super show…(sigh)huhu…T_T…
      really hope that not only hankyung oppa but also kangin oppa n kibum oppa can always b together with all another 10 suju oppas….yeongwonhi saranghae, super junior!
      To all ELFes… keep supporting them n us!!
      terima kasih…kamsahamnida!

  2. i really hope all of them on stage that day..bcz i will be goin….there’s quite a time we didn’t see completed 13 on the stage..i do hope..if not..what can we do???we juz hope for the best…we as ELF do hope that all of them will be together again, how about them?? double triple hoping that they will perform together again right??? act miss hankyung oppa n kangin oppa n also kibum as well…

    super junior…hwaiting!!!

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